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You want to create a premium Slack community like Nomad List ($75/year), Remotive ($29/year), #startups ($29), #freelance ($25), #techlondon (£1), #FemaleFounders ($30). But then you realize that taking your members’ payments requires setting up forms and writing code to connect them to the Slack API. You could also invite each new member manually. Not the best use of your time, right?

InviteRobot allows you to start requesting one-time or subscription fees in minutes. No coding is required. You just click a few links and add a button to your website.

InviteRobot invites new members to your Slack team immediately after they paid. You can focus on what matters: animating and growing your Slack community.

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What they say about InviteRobot

We wanted to switch to yearly subscriptions for Remotive, and InviteRobot enabled us to do it in minutes. Also, their support is fantastic. We highly recommend it!
Rodolphe Dutel,


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+ 12% fee / transaction
/ mo
+ 3% fee / transaction
/ mo
+ 3% fee / transaction
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Each plan comes with unlimited members.
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What is Slack?

Slack allows you to create a chat group for your Community, like having your own social network. Slack includes real-time messaging, modern collaboration tools, and mobile apps. It's easy for you to set up and for the members of your Community to use.

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How does InviteRobot handle payments?

We use Stripe. Your business needs to be registered in one of the 25 countries supported by Stripe. You can accept payments from anywhere in the world.

If you don't have a Stripe account, you will be able to create one in a few minutes from your InviteRobot dashboard.

We're a Stripe Verified Partner

What happens after my first 15 free members?

You will be switched to our STARTER plan, which is $0 + 12% fee. All the features, including recurring subscriptions, will still be enabled.

Then upgrade to one of our low-fees plans whenever you want.

Recurring or one-time payment?

You have the choice:

Why does InviteRobot need such high permissions on Slack accounts?

We use an undocumented, private Slack API which lets us send invitations to your Slack team on your behalf. This corresponds to admin rights on your Slack team.

We use the Slack API to:

Of course, we don’t post to your channels or do anything that you would not expect.

Who is behind InviteRobot?

We are Julien Ma, Romain Petit, and Bastien Petit.

How can I track payments made to my Stripe account?

Use CashNotify. It's a minimalistic desktop app which pops a notification each time you get a successful or failed payment. It's also made by us—Bastien and Julien.

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